Our approach to helping others achieve their own optimal fitness starts with mastering the fundamentals. We inspire our athletes to be virtuous with their training – perform the common uncommonly well. This mastery of movement lends itself to safety and overall longevity in the pursuit of fitness.

To get started in the CrossFit Rise program, you must first complete Foundations. Foundations will be instructed by a CrossFit Rise coach in small group sessions. Foundations teaches new members the primary movements in CrossFit. Additionally, Foundations teaches the CrossFit workout structure and provides an introduction to the gyms’ atmosphere. Each session builds on the one previous, so attendance to each Foundations class is mandatory. If you happen to miss a Foundations class you may schedule a personal training session at an additional cost to get you up to speed with the rest of your class. Once you’ve completed Foundations, you’ll have the confidence and knowledge to successfully enter into the general training sessions.

Updated Foundations Schedule:
Foundations K (M-Th) 7a – April 7/8/9/10
Foundations L (M-Th) 7p – April 14/15/16/17
Foundations M (M-Th) 7p – April 28/29/30 & May 1
Foundations N (M-Th) 7a – May 5/6/7/8
Foundations O (M-Th) 7p – May 12/13/14/15

Cost of Foundations: $100, however if you sign a membership agreement upon the completion of Foundations, this fee will be credited back to you in your membership.

If you have a conflict with the scheduled times, you have the option of doing a personal Foundations class. Please inquire.

To reserve your spot, email(info@crossfitrise.com) or call us (847-466-7237) with your Foundations selection. If demand for different days/times warrants, then we can potentially add additional sessions to the schedule. Please email us your preferred days/times and we’ll try our best to accommodate you.

How do I sign up for Foundations?

Here are the steps:

1. Select your Foundations Class by letter from the schedule above, e.g. Foundations A, Foundations B.

2. Email(info@crossfitrise.com) or call us(847-466-7237) with your selection and provide us your name, email address and redemption #(if applicable), and we’ll reserve your spot.

3. Print and fill out our Waiver and please arrive 15 min before your first session, and we’ll look forward to seeing you shortly!

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