Posted: 29-Mar-2017

Another successful Reebok CrossFit Open is in the books at CrossFit Rise! The addition of the Intramural Open (inspired by Chris Cooper) made this year the best Open yet. We had the most participation from our athlete population in our 7 year history of hosting the Open. Our crew consisted of Fitness, Performance and Competition athletes, proving the fact that the Open really is for everyone, regardless of experience or fitness level! Start with a benchmark data point and grow from there!

This year was really special and it took the entire community to make it happen. Special thanks to our Team Captains, Cheryl G. Karah E., Mitch Q. and Aaron B., for the work they did running their Intramural teams. Thanks to Lindsay Jones (aka Spirit Fairy) for her help scoring Spirit each week, choreographing and leading our super special Dance show for 17.5. Thank you to Josef H. for taking awesome photos of our Throwdown athletes and spectators each week. Thank you to Matt K. for putting the pictures into a 5 minute video to remember this wonderful Open. Thank you to David H. for playing the Star Spangled Banner twice on his trumpet to kick off our Thursday Night Throwdowns.

Thank you to Thomas for MCing the Thursday Night Throwdowns. Thank you to Aaron B. for tracking Intramural points each week. Thank you to Andrea for tracking our prop bet points each week. Thank you to Sarah for creating the Fight Cards for each Thursday Night Throwdown and for updating our Facebook page. Thank you to Farah & Thomas for running our Friday Night Lights. They did an excellent job organizing the chaos while keeping the energy levels high. Thank you to our athletes for your inspiring performances. Thank you to our spectators for your encouraging support and fun shenanigans. Thank you to all of our volunteer judges. We would never have been able to manage 97 people for 5 straight weeks without all of your help!

The 2017 Rise Intramural Champions are (drumroll)... Sour Snatch Kids with a total of 186 points! It was a close race from the beginning, but Sour Snatch Kids finished strong in week 5, scoring 20 extra points in our Bonus Challenge #3. Sour Snatch Kids will be awarded a special team banner to be displayed at CrossFit Rise for all to see!

  • First Place - Sour Snatch Kids (Team Captain Aaron B.) - 186 total points and Spirit Week Winners in 17.2 & 17.4

  • Second Place - Glutimus Maximus (Team Captain Mitch Q.) - 175 total points and Spirit Week Winners in 17.1

  • Third Place - Double Funders (Team Captain Karah E.) - 170 total points and Spirit Week Winners in 17.3

  • Fourth Place - Bending Bars & Busting PRs (Team Captain Cheryl G.) - 160 total points and Spirit Week Winners in 17.5

Each week all four teams deserved to earn the Spirit points. The energy, shenanigans and support you all showed to your teammates and fellow Risers was what the Open is all about. Thank you all for making this a terrific experience for everyone.

Below is a wonderful post written by First Place Team Captain of Sour Snatch Kids Aaron B that we wanted to share with everyone at Rise. The Open is an awesome indicator that reveals individual's strengths and weaknesses. Once these data points are collected you are better able to navigate your training to improve for the next years Open and so on. 'Things won are done, joy's soul lies in the doing.' ~William Shakespeare

It's over! The 2017 Open has come and gone. Congrats to everyone who competed another Open, and a huge congrats to those who finished their first open!!!

Please take a few minutes to give yourself the proper recognition that you deserve for the last 5 weeks of work, and acknowledge how far you've come in the last year! Lots of PRs, lots of barriers knocked down, and for the most part unscathed.

Huge shout outs to Bridget and Tristan for qualifying their 3rd and 5th Regionals, respectfully. Also, high fives to both Jess for placing #45 for Master Women, and Mark Bare for his #164 place finish for Men 55+, in the WORLD...they are eligible for the online Games qualifier. Also, I can't forget addition to adding some mass to his biceps this year, he also finished inside the top 100 males in the region.

So, now what??? Every year I take time to evaluate how I did and what I want to work before the next Open...which is 320-ish days away. Do you want to snatch heavier, master double unders, get a chest to bar pull up, get a muscle up??? For me, my goals over the next 300+ days is to continue to work on my mobility and double unders. Additionally, I'd like to shed some more of my winter training if you see me with a doughnut in hand, hold me accountable, ask me how that winter training weight is coming!

So what do you want? And how do you get there? Hard work, practice and accountability. Make sure every rep counts, make sure you Honor Your Gifts, and keep having fun. Ask a partner to record your lifts and analyze them; utilize our fantastic coaches and ask Jess, Justin, Farah, Thomas, Mike, Tristan, Roger for help. Pick Troy’s brain, work with Bri on yoga, and talk to Britt about nutrition..

It's been an absolute honor watching you each compete and cheering each of you on. This year definitely energized my spirit through the Open for CrossFit and it's community. While I may not have done everything I wanted, I feel good about what has been done. Stay humble, stay committed, and keep smiling!!!

See you all around the gym! Sour Snatch Kids for life!!! ~Aaron Brunello

The Spirit of the 2017 Open at CrossFit Rise was inspired by the memory of a sweet, strong, handsome baby boy, Easton Vincent Porters. You will never be forgotten Easton. You will live on in our memories. #EastonStrong