Posted: 28-Mar-2017

With the Rise 90 Day Boost! coming to a close, we wanted to share some successes from the program and announce what’s up next for CrossFit Rise Nutrition! Over the past 90 days, participants were asked to track their food intake, balance their macronutrients and complete additional fitness tasks to measure their progress. Just looking around the gym, since January we’ve seen extremely noticeable differences in our athletes. Here are just some of the amazing gains made by our Boosters:

  • Weight loss anywhere between 5 and 40 pounds since January 1st

  • First unassisted pull-up

  • Bar muscle ups

  • Jerk PR

  • Snatch PR

  • Rowing PR

  • Front squat PR

  • Endurance improvement

  • Visible abs

  • Lower body fat percentage

  • 500m row PR

  • Plank PR

  • Consecutive double under PR

Congratulations to all of our Boosters on their accomplishments! There are some exciting things coming up for Crossfit Rise Nutrition including Shred for Summer Part II and 90 Day Boost Revamped! Here is a quick summary of these new programs.

Shred for Summer II (Must have completed the Rise 90 Day Boost to participate in the Shred)

1) Personalized macronutrient numbers for:

  • Light/ off days

  • Moderate/ hard days

  • Re-feed days

2) Weekly meal plans + snacks with macro calculations done for you

3) Bi-weekly body composition testing done with the YUNMAI smart scale

4) Supplemental CORE workouts (3x/ week- optional)

5) One benchmark WOD or task/ week

90 Day Boost Revamped (Open to anyone)

1) Personalized nutrition guidelines based on age, gender, goals, activity level, etc.

2) Baseline data on your current weight, eating habits and fitness levels

3) Biweekly healthy habits introduced with written explanations, tips & tricks

4) A personalized, comprehensive Google document for tracking progress

5) Weekly meal plans & grocery lists, complete with calorie and macronutrient counts

6) Monthly body composition testing done with the YUNMAI smart scale

Based on the Boost feedback there will be some additions and changes to these programs:

  • Facebook group utilization for recipe exchanges

  • Continuing with baseline testing but reducing to one task/ week

  • Leaderboard/ point system visible to all participants (Shred II)

  • Kudos and shout-outs for most active participants (Boost)

  • PDF of “go to” restaurant meals + macro content to assist with balancing nutrition with social events :)

Rise is very excited to continue providing nutritional programming for our members and we look forward to helping you get Boosted or Shredded this summer.

To sign up for these programs, please email