Posted: 06-Apr-2017

On March 17, 2014, I walked through the doors at CrossFit Rise for the very first time. I had just moved to the NW suburbs from the SW suburbs and was looking to start CrossFit somewhere near my then new job. I was tired of having a skinny swimmer's build and heard CrossFit was a great way to build some muscle mass and join a fun community. Rise was the closest box to my office, and after reading some reviews online, I decided to give it a try. Almost three years later, it's safe to say I am addicted.

I think my proudest moment at Rise has not been physical, though I will admit I was pretty damn stoked about my t2b in 17.2 (shoutout to Trixie and tumbling class). My proudest moment though has been more mental and emotional: forming bonds with people and creating friendships that extend beyond the walls of Rise.

Every single person who has been lucky enough to call themselves a member of CrossFit Rise, has impacted my life in some way. I came in to Rise as a very introverted and self conscious person, but I do not think anyone who meets me today would believe that. Through the course of my three years there, I have found others who believed in me, which has in turn helped me to believe in myself. Maybe it's been as simple as a pep talk, coaching tips, Open strategizing, post-wod chats, or weekend shenanigans, but this community has helped me grow in ways that I never dreamed possible. Every day I walk through the doors at Rise I am reminded of how lucky I am to be a part of such an amazing community, one that has changed my life. There are so many more strides I can make in my physical development, but even if I never string my damn du's together, it won’t matter to me. What matters to me are the bonds I have built that I know will last a lifetime. 

With all of those wonderful moments come so many funny memories. After all, I did befriend Tiffany along the way. So I would have to say all of my funny stories involve the two of us being ridiculous, whether it's knocking each other over with wallballs, Tiff not knowing Australians speak English, or her ropeless du's, I always laugh my ass off when I'm training with her. I also would be remiss if I didn't include the painfully awkward dancing antics that Mitchell S. and I put on display at the #riseisfive party as one of my most comical moments...too many cucumber vodka shots!