Everyone. Our program is designed for scalability and applies equally well to all individuals regardless of age or fitness level. The CrossFit program is used by professional and elite athletes looking to improve their core strength and conditioning, as well as the general population seeking overall health improvements.

No. Regardless of your current physical conditioning, the best time to try CrossFit is now. Everyone has to start somewhere. Take a proactive approach to improve your health today. Our job as coaches is to help you get on track to a healthier life style.

We take an old school approach to training, utilizing body weight movements, barbell work, rowing and running. Classes are coached in small group settings with individualized instruction. Our workouts are fresh and engaging, so that you stay interested and committed to your fitness. The class will fly by and when you leave, you’ll know that you’ve worked 100% of your body. You’ll interact with people in your class and they’ll push you to train past your perceived limits. Training hurts a lot less when you involve a supportive and fun atmosphere… it’s like running to chase a ball or frisbee, when you’re having fun you don’t focus on the work. You will constantly be coached on proper use of equipment and movement technique. When it comes to functional movements, the fundamentals cannot be over emphasized to provide safe and effective training.

"I hear, I know. I see, I remember. I do, I understand." – Confucius

At CrossFit Rise we train in small groups per coach. The hour class begins with a detailed warm-up geared specifically for the day’s workout. After the warm-up there will be a skill or strength development piece that will be verbally explained and demonstrated by the coach. After the skill/strength piece is complete, the class will then move onto the workout of the day (WOD). WODs are usually short in duration, ranging from 3-20 minutes. CrossFitters experience a more intense workout in 5 minutes than most people do in an hour at the gym. The coach will be monitoring the room checking for integrity of the movements and offering suggestions when necessary during the skill/strength set and WOD. After the WOD, the coach will then run the class through a variety of cool down mobility movements to ensure proper recovery from the day’s training challenges.

When working with technical movements like those utilized in CrossFit, the devil is in the details. The fundamentals of the movements need to be learned to allow safe and effective execution. In training, safety is the number one priority, which makes your safety our number one priority. Your CrossFit Rise Coaches will lead you through:

  • Proper warm-up for the day’s specific physical demands.
  • Demonstration and instruction of the technical movements, so that you will learn and perform them in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Provide on-site corrections and be available for individual questions.
  • Mobility cool-down session.

The coaches will also be tracking your results and posting them on the website to allow you to monitor your progress over time. Our commitment to you is individualized service and training excellence.

The workouts you complete in CrossFit will help you with your daily tasks, whether it’s taking care of your kids, mowing the lawn, shoveling snow or saving lives on the job. CrossFitters will unanimously tell you how much better, healthier and happier they feel as human beings.

"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get." – Warren Buffett

At CrossFit Rise we offer group training with individualized instruction. Class sizes tend to be small, meaning you get a lot of one-on-one attention from the coaches. It’s like having a personal trainer, without the hefty personal trainer fees. For the amount of time and energy our coaches will be spending with you, in conjunction with our diverse programming, the monthly membership fee is a great value. Your physical health is your number one asset and it deserves your time and attention. We’re confident that if you make the commitment to try CrossFit Rise, you’ll find your money is well spent by improving your health and mental well-being.

Results (ie. time, weight, reps) will be logged for each WOD in our inclusive system Wodify, allowing you will be able to track your improvement. Over time, you’ll see yourself getting stronger, faster, better with every workout.

It’s as safe as you make it. At CrossFit Rise our primary goal is to maintain a safe environment for our members. New members will be taken through an intensive developmental program to teach CrossFit movements. The main goal of this program is for members to learn and perform the primary movements of CrossFit safely and effectively. Your education continues on a daily basis, as we continually review proper technique and mechanics for the movements contained within the daily workouts.

Depending on the injury, we would suggest you consult with your health provider prior to participating in CrossFit. The movements in CrossFit are diverse, so it is generally feasible to work around injuries with supplemental programming. Be sure to inform your coach of your injury and they’ll be happy to modify the WOD for you.

"Strong is the new skinny" – Quote seen on a CrossFit T-shirt

CrossFit will make you stronger. CrossFit will make you fitter. Bulky and weight gain are different entities. Liking what you see in the mirror, liking how your clothes fit and liking how you feel are more important than what the scale says. We as coaches can provide nutritional education and proper programming based on your goals.

Nutrition is a key component of CrossFit and its success. We’ll help you transition to healthier eating habits that maximize your results.

Yes, if you have prior CrossFit experience you may drop-in for a $20 daily or $50 weekly fee. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of class to complete your waiver, process payment and become acquainted with the coaching staff and gym layout.