"He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying." - Friedrich Nietzsche

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Our approach to helping others achieve their own optimal fitness begins with mastering the fundamentals. We inspire our athletes to be virtuous with their training – perform the common uncommonly well. This mastery of movement lends itself to safety and overall longevity in the pursuit of fitness.

To assist our members in the pursuit of this virtuosity, we offer 3 distinct CrossFit programs: Fitness, Performance, and Competition. Each program is geared to allow individuals to train and learn at a pace comfortable to them. Regardless of which program you are involved with, you will be surrounded by intelligent, caring, athletic individuals just like yourself, who became involved to better themselves and improve their health and well being.

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Our Fitness program is a 12 week cyclical program broken into 3 micro cycles focused on progressive skill development and mobility work. We request that all new members complete these 12 weeks to learn proper biomechanics to ensure the most efficient movement patterns that will foster safety and effectiveness. Every person develops and learns kinesthetic awareness at varying paces. If someone exemplifies good movement patterns early on and wishes to move onto the Performance classes, they may do so. Alternatively, someone can choose to remain in Fitness classes for as long as they like. We want you to feel comfortable as you learn and develop confidence with the movements of CrossFit.

This program is also great for experienced CrossFitters who want to take a step back to refocus on proper mechanics and muscle recruitment in the variety of movements CrossFit engages in. Also, for those who wish to rid themselves of poor technical habits or for those recovering from injury, this program will provide a desirable pace and environment.


Our Performance Program accelerates the class pace from the Fitness program and will focus in our traditional strength and conditioning model. While attention will always be paid to mechanical development and safety of movement in class, this program adds volume and intensity to the good movement patterns established in the Fitness Program.


Our Competition Program is for those that desire to be competitive in the sport of CrossFit or other related activities. There are minimum requirements that will have to be met in order to be allowed participation in this program. Please speak with a coach if you are interested. These classes will be 2 hours in length as we focus on the skill development and work capacity required to be a competitive CrossFitter.

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