What are the advantages of High Speed Treadmill Training?

  • - Increased stride length
  • - Increased stride frequency
  • - Improved sprint mechanics
  • - Improved core stability
  • - Improved metabolic factors

How can high speed treadmill training help CrossFit?

Besides the benefits specific to running listed above, CrossFit athletes will greatly improve their stamina (metabolic factors). As CrossFit athletes, we have experienced moments when we cannot get one more rep, because we are out of energy, or the burning sensation is too great. High intensity intervals will condition your body to better tolerate higher concentrations of lactic acid in the blood and muscle. On a molecular level, energy stored in the chemical bonds of ATP is used to power muscular activity. ATP is stored in your muscle in only small amounts and must be replenished before more work can be done (muscular activity). High speed treadmill interval training improves the flow of energy in your body by challenging the ability of body systems to process, deliver, store and utilize energy. The high speed treadmill improves motor recruitment (your body’s ability to activate the nervous system sufficiently). For example, when starting a training program your initial gains are not muscular, but are due to a better working nervous system telling the muscles what to do. Adding these elements will help adapt your body to produce powerful hip extension and quick hip flexion. The common denominator when it comes to fitness, health and athleticism is your hips. Your hips are composed of the largest most powerful muscles of your body with high speed treadmill intervals will greatly improve physical fitness development/well-being.