Our sports performance program is designed to provide a foundation for athletic success. Many young athletes begin in their sport having no or limited knowledge of strength and conditioning and a poor base of mobility/flexibility. This can lead to decreased performance and an increased risk of injury.

Our program will provide its participants with experience and knowledge that will help reduce the chance of injury and prolong the athletic career of the individual. We will teach participants how to improve their joint mobility and manage their soft tissue to ensure full range of motion for proper mechanics and power development.

The sessions will include a warm up that will address needed areas of development with the athletes. In addition, we will teach the Olympic Weightlifting movements; the Clean&Jerk and Snatch which have a large carry over to the many physical skills needed for the development of a complete athlete: (strength, power, speed, coordination, flexibility, balance, and agility). We will also incorporate a metabolic conditioning component at the end of each training session to increase the participant’s stamina and cardiovascular endurance, utilizing full body, multi joint movements similar to sport and not your typical cardiovascular steady state training (cardio).

Upon completion of this course, our athletes will have a greater understanding and experience in how to manage their body to reduce injury through mobility and soft tissue work, and technical lifting. They will begin to build a solid foundation of strength and have the knowledge to continue training safely and properly afterwards.

The CrossFit Rise Sports Performance program will be instructed by Justin Ehrhardt, lead coach at CrossFit Rise and Roger Nielsen, CrossFit Rise Weightlifting coach and former head Olympic Weightlifting coach(’92 Barcelona & ’08 Beijing). Sessions will last one hour and will include a warm up, mobility session, lifting technique development, strength development, and a conditioning workout.