I’ve never been an athlete. In fact, I skipped gym all together in high school. I have very bad asthma and allergies. I work full time, am a wife and a mother of two. I am a CrossFitter.

I’ve always gone through spurts of joining gyms to only get bored running on the treadmill or doing the elliptical. I had a hard time motivating to go because I hated working out.

In the fall of 2010 my husband started doing CrossFit workouts. He went to the main site to see what the workout was and then I’d watch him do these crazy things for 3-20 minutes while I did the elliptical watching Oprah for an hour. I eventually joined him in doing the main site work outs at our YMCA but still wasn’t feeling confident in what I was doing. We didn’t have the proper space or equipment. I wasn’t getting coaching on the movements so I wasn’t confident in what I was doing. I was basically doing it by myself so I didn’t feel much motivation when timing myself or counting reps.

I was starting to have fun though. It was at that point my husband suggested we join a CrossFit gym. It still took a little convincing because it was more expensive than our YMCA membership. I told myself if I could go at least 2-3 times per week and saw results we’d stick with it.

I’ve been crossFitting for almost a year and go 4-5 times per week because I love it so much. Everyday is different and I continue to see huge results. I’ve never felt so confident and healthy. My kids are very proud to tell their friends that their mommy can do over 20 pull ups in a row! I want my children to see that I work hard not only at my job and in taking care of them, but I work hard to take care of myself. I want to be my children’s role model.

CrossFit Rise has a top facility, excellent coaching staff and a diverse and fun community of members. I would highly recommend the program and CrossFit Rise.


Kyle S

"Hey!! You need to get in shape fast?! Wanna look your best?! Tired the other guys getting all the chicks?! Are you tired of being a 90 pound weakling?!" – Thank you Cartman (From South Park Episode 0102 – Weight Gain 4000)He he – I’m only 90 lbs…well I was almost 300 lbs, and decided I needed to do something to change this. Not a simple, short term change mind you, but a long term, life-long change of my lifestyle. I had changed my diet in the past, and failed to include any physical activity. I had lost a lot of weight, but gained it back six years later. Then two things happened. First, a friend signed me up for something called Warrior Dash & I needed to get into shape. I happened to come across a special offer for this thing called CrossFit. I did a little research, and decided to give it a go. It seemed easy enough. Workouts lasting one hour, and an easy schedule to follow. At the suggestion of Coach Jessica, I decided to come in for a free class a couple of weeks before foundations were to begin. I had no idea what to expect, and was eager to learn. I followed the directions, and found myself in an industrial park, and see an open door to what looked like a warehouse. I peered inside, and saw the morning class completing their WOD. Tired, but smiling, they ran, lifted, and squatted away. Would this be for me? One arduous hour later, I was hooked. I had never experienced such an intense, full range workout! In my first session, I got to complete kettlebell swings, push a sled, row, throw wall balls, & sit ups. Thanks to delayed onset muscle soreness, I would have no idea how much of a workout I had endured until the next day. It took me another 4 days to walk again! Just in time for another Saturday workout! This one was a little easier, as I was beginning to get used to moving around, and I had another intense workout! I could not wait for foundations to start!

I joined the foundations class in early July, and decided I wanted to push myself, so I signed up for M/W/F classes, after work. Each day we learned the proper movements and techniques for what CrossFit is. Each day the workouts got more intense, and I learned new techniques. I was eagerly watching the “regulars” completing the WOD’s while we practiced in foundations. I was wondering if I could keep up with the regular classes. Well, before I knew it, foundations were done, and I decided this would be my future. I signed up, and came to my first class ASAP. That first WOD was way more than I had expected, yet, with the help and guidance of the coaches, they got me through it! Before I knew it, I was getting stronger, faster, more flexible, and losing body fat. The coaching staff here is great. They will not let me quit, and help me prove to myself just how far I can go, and then a little more. When I started, I could not run 400m without being totally winded, now I can get all the way around, and then some. I still cannot do a pull up, but I’m getting closer. With each workout I am getting better and better. I’ve also gained an interest in Olympic Lifting, and hope to shortly begin learning that additional skill as well.

I never thought of myself as an active person, and was really surprised how CrossFit Rise began to change that. I was very out of shape, and now I’m getting more and more into shape with each WOD. I look forward to the challenge each day, and somehow find the determination to get through some of the toughest workouts (can you say 100 wall balls and 80 burpees?) I want to personally thank Brian, Jessica, Justin, Kathy, & Val for not giving up on me, or letting me give up on myself. You have a world class facility, and I cannot wait to come back and do another WOD!



I found Crossfit back in October of 2010. I followed the main site WODs and the BrandX forum for scaling. I was hooked on CrossFit since then. I did what I could in a fitness center at my work but wished I could do more with the rx’d equipment (kettle bells, rings, ropes). I was able to learn many things on my own watching videos online and with some help of the trainers in the fitness center. But I lacked in certain areas like proper technique with barbell lifts specifically with Olympic lifting and overall strength. In March 2011 for the CrossFit Games Open WOD 3, I failed to clean 165lb just one time to get any score in the WOD.

It wasn’t until I joined CrossFit Rise in April 2011 that I started making huge improvements. Within the first few months, I made many PR’s with the barbell lifts. The coaches helped me with proper technique and gave me helpful cues to many of the exercises. In addition to the daily CrossFit WODs, they provide additional sessions for Olympic lifting, yoga, and monthly nutrition seminars. All of which are bonuses to the membership at Rise and help round out my CrossFit experience. Also with this, I’ve been able to shift focus to Olympic lifting and strength training for a few months in which I was able to achieve PRs with the lifts surpassing the 165lb clean I wasn’t able to do a few months back.

The CrossFit Rise facility is outstanding with plenty of room that a couple CrossFit sessions and Olympic lifting can happen all at the same time. They have top notch coaches and equipment. I attribute most of my success in the past few months to the coaching at Rise and knowledge they provide. The growing Rise community is a great source of motivation and pushing through the final reps of the WODs.

I can say at the age of 39, I’m the healthiest, fittest, and strongest that I’ve ever been in my life thanks to CrossFit. And joining CrossFit Rise to get the full CrossFit experience was one of the best decisions I’ve made.


Justin A

I joined CrossFit Rise as soon as it opened and I have not been disappointed. I have been CrossFitting for a couple of years and the staff at Rise have really helped me improve my fitness and flexibility. I came for CrossFit, and what I got what in return in addition to CrossFit has been a huge value. The Rise has left me nothing less than impressed. Some of these items include, nutrition seminars, Olympic Weightlifting classes, Endurance classes, & much much more. I recommend this place to anyone looking to change their fitness life. The staff and owners really make you feel welcome and this is really the place to be for solid training and camaraderie.



CrossFit Rise is the best place to workout! The coaches are very knowledgeable, friendly and willing to help you succeed with your workout goals. You will feel welcome, and each day you will leave with a smile and a sense of accomplishment. The coaches are willing to take the extra time to ensure you are correctly and safely performing each movement.

Everyday there is a different workout to look forward to, and a different goal to accomplish for yourself. You will never be bored and each day you learn something new. Regardless of how well you can do the workout there will be a member or coach cheering you on.

What also makes this place great are the members. You will meet new people everyday that have the same drive to succeed at the workout of the day. CrossFit Rise will get you results. You will notice with each new workout that you can perform better than before and you can track your progress online to see how you have changed from day 1.

They also offer several opportunities aside from the weekly workouts such as Olympic Weightlifting competitions, nutritional seminars, and workout collaborations with other CrossFit affiliations. CrossFit Rise will make you healthier, stronger, and most of all motivate you to workout with such a great CrossFit community.



I have been doing CrossFit for a couple of months now and I can say I have not been disappointed. Prior to starting CrossFit, I had done gymnastics for 19 years, including Division I collegiate, and thought that CrossFit would be a breeze. Turns out it was exactly the opposite and quite a humbling experience. The workouts are extremely challenging, mentally and physically, but something that people from all different backgrounds can get through. The staff are knowledgeable and motivating and will never let you quit on yourself. I believe that people from all different weights, ages and strengths groups can benefit from Crossfit.



The workouts are surprisingly intense considering their brevity, and I have noticed quantitatively measured results after my foundations graduation. The workouts are never boring and I have noticed huge improvements with my swimming while doing Crossfit!



I had heard about CrossFit and I walked in not knowing what to expect. I did know I was bored with big box gyms and running out of motivation to get healthy and fit. I was bored. At Crossfit Rise, I encountered a fantastic coaching staff, with the time and patience to get me up to speed on the workouts, a huge facility, and a very supportive community. I have never been more challenged, more motivated and more driven to be as fit and lean as I can possibly be. The varied, ever changing workouts (never the same), scalability and coaching have enabled me to do things I couldn’t do just 3 months ago. I am an athlete again.



Before I came to CrossFit Rise my life was going in a total different direction. I never played sports, never walked into a gym, and never did anything athletic in anyway except to walk faster towards cheesecake or something 😍 (still do). I had very little ambitions or goals, nothing to really work towards. I walked into that gym 4 years ago aimless and also clueless. Workout after workout, healthy meal after healthy meal, day after day, night after night I became someone who I never thought I would. Something that seemed like a chore became habitual. Coach Justin became like a big brother and Jessica became like a big sister to me and CrossFit Rise kind of like a second home. In one way or another CrossFit changed and saved my life. I will never be able to fully repay them for what they've done for me. I just think this shows that through time, perseverance, and persistence you can achieve what you want you just have to start.

I've been going to CrossFit Rise for almost 2 years now. Time flies when I'm having fun. I've always thought of myself as "fit". Outside of the gym, I play hockey. I can run a mile without killing myself. And I thought my strength was sufficient. As a nurse, we move some pretty heavy bodies around and I could hang with the best. Then, my friends Cheryl and Jim brought me into the world of CrossFit.....

That's when reality hit me smack in the face...

I couldn't do a pull-up to save my life. I always came in dead last from every warm-up run. My overhead strength left much to be desired. I was intimidated. Everyone around me could pull off a WOD and still be able to stand. Even the veteran women kept me in my shell. "I can't stand next to her in class. She'll make me look stupid!".

Nevertheless, I worked at it. I stuck with it. I've accomplished so much, yet I desire more. I don't now, nor have I ever worked out to lose weight. It was to help me be a better hockey player. In a world of men and women, with height and weight advantage, I wanted to be able to hold my own on the ice. CrossFit Rise has helped me reach that goal. But there's more....

The sense of community at Rise is one that can't be felt when reading the bio page on the website. It is the core of what keeps you going. When you are in last place, they are right there with you. A globo gym, a personal trainer, and equipment can't give you that. CrossFit is a workout that pits you against your "self"; but it doesn't leave you alone to fight the fight. The support is amazing and I wouldn't trade it for a cheaper alternative.

I've become a fitter person, yes. However CrossFit Rise cultivated a strength in me that can't be measured by reps or kgs. It's THAT strength that helps me to finish what I started.

Having never been an athlete - of any kind - the idea of crossfit was just about the last thing I thought I would ever consider doing. Which is actually why I decided to do it. Awhile back I decided that anything I thought I would fail at, I needed to try, because that fear of failing was keeping me from experiencing some pretty awesome things in life.

So I grabbed a friend, and made her go to a free introductory class with me. From the moment I walked into Crossfit Rise, however, I realized I didn't need to bring a friend, there were about 30 of them running around in there just waiting for me. A very pregnant Jessica Schulz (who I found out later was one of the owners) greeted us so warmly, I immediately felt at home. Her husband Brian took us through the workout and from the moment a barbell touched my hands, I knew I was hooked. And not just the grip (haha- you'll get that joke once you start :)).

It was all new movements to me, and that made me feel strange at first- like I was bad at it- but then as I practiced and got the movements down, I felt like I won a gold medal or something. Seriously, I was ridiculously proud of myself. And I wanted more of that feeling. Crossfit isn't about being fit for me, although that's a side effect, of course. It's about conquering fears. Pushing your mental blocks out of the way and trying to be or do something different than you have ever been or done.

The fact that all of your fellow classmates are cheering you on while struggling through their own workouts just adds to the elation that comes after every session. And that elation never really goes away. It might get hidden under exhaustion after a particularly tough workout, but it's there.

I've been to other boxes around the country, and even though they all have an element of camaraderie, I've never seen anything like the family that is Crossfit Rise. In the two years I've been going, we've celebrated weddings, birthdays, babies, raised money for amazing causes, and cheered each other on in endless competitions. Even when I had to take time away from the gym due to work constraints, I was never excluded, and welcomed back with open arms when I was finally able to get back to it.

I moved here for work, knowing no one, and found a complete support system of wonderful people all by stepping outside of my comfort zone and opening myself up to a new experience. Our gym has every type of person you can imagine, and we all come from different places and bring different perspectives to the gym. I couldn't ask for a better place to spend my time, or a better set of people. Go ahead and give it a try- you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Sabrina Richards:
I started CrossFit in 2010, initially, I saw immediate changes to my body without making much adjustment to my lifestyle. Just doing the CrossFit workouts were enough to kickstart my body and metabolism into high gear from a sendtary lifestyle. I previously worked out at typical big gyms using the elliptical machines and some basic weight machines to lose weight. However, I never challenged myself to get stronger. I only challenged myself to burn more calories in less time, and was obsessed with tracking calories. I saw myself get thinner, but never improved on my physical capabilities, and was not stronger. I was bored with using elliptical machines everyday, staring out into space or looking at a tv screen and not being fully present in the moment of the workout I was doing. I arrived at CrossFit Rise out of shape mentally and physically.

Working with CrossFit Rise coaches, I was able to adjust workouts to meet my needs, coaches advised me on scaling down in areas where I needed improvement, but also challenged me to believe in myself to know my body is capable of handling more. I was stronger in areas that I did not believe I was stronger in. Over time, I started to make headway and do workouts at the prescribed levels. "I can't" turned into "well, maybe I can" which eventually turned to "I will-I can-I did". This definitely helped my confidence. These sorts of mind limitations are not just applicable to CrossFit, but CrossFit was my catalyst to change my overall mindset, and I will always be grateful for that.

I did lose tons of inches over the years, my clothes fit differently. I've had a lot of experiences especially in the beginning where I was intimidated; being the only girl in a class or sometimes grouped or partnered with people at a higher fitness level than me. However, I started to feel I belonged to a community, and it's not just about who can be the best, but being the best version of yourself. Other members have been very encouraging and pushed me when I did not know I had it in me to finish.

Over the years, even in CrossFit, I've had setbacks as well as comebacks. CrossFitting for me over the past years has not been completely consistent. I faced ups and downs in training, sometimes life and work schedules got in the way. I've seen my weight fluctuate for different personal reasons, as well as not having mastered all the movements I had expected to master by now. Nevertheless as I reflect over the past 4 years, I think it's about health and making adjustments to your life for the long-term. It's not just about losing weight, but understanding overall health and wellness. It's about the spiritual journey. It's about understanding how your body works and the amazement at what it can do. As I continue to age, I've had my doctors talk about my exceptional health, and praised me for making my health a priority. They know my family medical history and how my immediate family has been plagued with major problems of high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Yet, I have excellent blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as well as being diabetes-free.

Because of CrossFit Rise, I was able to be in good enough shape to add training in mixed martial arts, Olympic Weightlifting, and high-speed treadmill sprinting. Because of CrossFit Rise, I was inspired on my own to make changes to my diet; wanting to eat well in order to train well and see progress in strength and endurance. Because of CrossFit Rise, I had the courage to change my life-look into changes in my career and even adding yoga and meditation to my lifestyle. My involvement in CrossFit sparked my belief that I CAN DO all the things I set my mind to and even when I fail, it is a step toward my own success. It's not about competing against another, but about competing against a lesser version of myself--making me a better me.

My name is Donna Iwicki. I am 31 years old and a mother to a little boy named Aiden. I have been training at Crossfit Rise for three years. Crossfit has changed my entire life. Before I began, I did a lot of biking and running, and was just getting into lifting. In the three years I have been with Crossfit Rise, I have made astounding changes both physically and mentally.

When I started I could barely hold up my body weight on the bar, and now I’m able to do seven strict pull ups in a row. Owner Jessica Shultz was the first one to ever teach me to snatch, and now it is one of my favorite movements! One of the best parts is how many classes are provided each day. Being a mom, it can be challenging to find a workout program that suits my crazy schedule, but this gym really accommodates my needs. It isn’t all about exercise either! My favorite part about this gym is the amazing community that we have.

Everyone supports and genuinely cares about one another, which makes for an extremely positive environment to work out in. There is also high emphasis on wellness, which is evident in the nutritional information that is shared among this community. Crossfit has challenged me in so many ways and has built such confidence in me that carries over to my everyday life. I can honestly say that I AM a better person and mother because of my experiences at Crossfit Rise.


I've been going to Crossfit Rise for two years now. I was very hesitant, one might say intimidated to start Crossfit. I've always worked out and have been an athlete. My husband had been trying to get me to go for about 6 months and I always thought, I can't do the things they do there, I'm a tennis player, that's what I do. The court is where I excel, where I belong, where I am me. One day after playing I got on the elliptical and had to put the dreaded age in; 40. I am 40 and still doing the same old boring workout. I text my husband and said, "I'm in". He signed me up and I've been loving Crossfit ever since.

The community at Rise is amazing. I have made great friends who take the time to talk, laugh and cheer you on. Never once at my old gym did people ask where I've been or if I go without my husband ask where he is. Is he ok? People care about you at Rise. The encouragement and coaching you receive is outstanding. I am so much stronger than when I first started. There are so many things I need to get better at. Maybe I'll get better at them and maybe I won't but I know that every time I go I'll do my best. My friends that don't Crossfit tell me I do it to get better at working out. No, I crossfit to be a better tennis player, a better sister, a better daughter, a better friend, a better wife, a better me.

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