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Our Fitness program is for those who are new to CrossFit and CrossFit Rise. This 5 week cycle allows participants to learn proper movement to foster safety, effectiveness and confidence in order to progress into our Performance Classes.  Most members move competently within 3 cycles of regularly attending Fitness Classes, and find themselves ready to move into Performance Class.  
The Fitness class focuses on building strength and learning the basics of gymnastics and weightlifting, progressing you through common movements you will see throughout your CrossFit experience.

When new participants exemplify good movement patterns they are welcome to move into our Performance Classes. Alternatively, someone can choose to remain in Fitness Classes for as long as they like. We encourage each member to feel comfortable and confident as they develop as a CrossFit athlete.

This program is not only great for new athletes, it is also wonderful for experienced CrossFitters who want to refocus on proper mechanics, or those who may be recovering from an injury.


Performance class is a step above the basics. Our program utilizes the Conjugate System for strength development and better recovery, while training various energy systems to improve body composition. We use a mixture of powerlifting, olympic weightlifting, strongman, gymnastics, plyometrics, and metabolic conditioning to keep our members motivated and healthy. 

Our Performance program accelerates the class pace from the Fitness program and will focus on the traditional CrossFit strength and conditioning model. While attention will always be paid to mechanical development and safety of movement in class, this program adds volume and intensity to the good movement patterns established in the Fitness Program.

Open gym

Open gym hours provides an opportunity for our members to work on skill development and movements they have learned in class. Because of our facility’s size, we are fortunate enough to have space available for Open Gym. We ask that our Open Gym goers keep in mind that our scheduled classes takes precedence over equipment and space.

personal training

Work with one of our experienced coaches to help you reach your health and fitness goals.


Nutrition Coaching

Our Nutrition Coaching program allows individuals to work with our team of professionals to use nutrition to help them reach their health and fitness goals. If you are interested in our nutrition offerings let us know. 

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